I am an artist from Lampedusa (Italy). I create artworks for sensitive souls that still believes in the beauty of authencity: I give positive emotions, colours, love and balance

ROSSELLA SFERLAZZO was born in Anzio (Rome, Italy), but she lives  Lampedusa, small sicilian island ( Italy). She was ready for color, art and photography from an early age. She lived in Rome  some years , where she has attended La Sapienza University,  Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature , then a Milan where she  enrolled at a Domus Academy, earning the Master in Web Design and  finally in London where she worked and attendend several English course, creative drawing  course and t-shirt  design course  at Kensington and Chelsea College.

She organized and took part to several  collective art exhibitions, the first was in 1996 in Lampedusa.

In 2013 she realized and participated to travelling exhibit , in several cities of Italy,  “ LAMPEDUSA DOOR OF LIFE”, by artists and photographer from many cities,  in collaboration with cultural association  Le Città Vicine.

In the same year she took part to  artistic workshop by  artist Lorenzo Terranera in collaboration with Amnesty International and  to the realization of three murales in Lampedusa by  Colors Revolution in Lampedusa project,  conceived by her in 2012. She took part to the artistic installation of “DOOR OF LIFE”, in collaboration  with the commitee  Le mamme di Lampedusa and the cultural associations Le Città Vicine and La Città Felice,  in  Lampedusa.

In 2014 she realized in collaboration with the committee  Le mamme di Lampedusa,  a stairs  murales, entitled  “WE CHOOSE LIFE”  by Colors Revolution project.

In 2015 she participated  to a photography collective exhibition  by cultural association  Open Space in Lampedusa and to a collective exhibition  of mail art, curated  by  Katia Ricci, art critic ,promoted by cultural association  La Merlettaia in Foggia .

In 2016 after a skin disease, she used art , her dream and passion, like therapy, she began Women of light series of paintings.

In  2017 she took part to the exhibition  “Concepire l’infinito” in Foggia , curated  by  Katia Ricci  art critic .

In 2017 she realized  INSIDE OUT project by the french  street artist  JR  for the promotion “ No radar Lampedusa”, by temporary installation of portraits photos  posters.

In  february 2019 her work has been selected and she took part to Exhibit Here’s Hope Exhibition at the prestigious Menier Gallery  in London, situated within the historic Menier Chocolate Factory. 

In june 2019 she tooks part at the Exhibtion Synapsi in Porto M Lampedusa.

In october  2019 she partecipated to Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition collective  at the Atelier Natalia Gromicho in Portugal.

In august 2020 she took part to the exhibition  Orizzonti Mediterranei at Chez Fifi Lounge bar in the main street of Lampedusa island.

In june 2021 she partecipated at a painting exhibition in Porto M Lampedusa .

In september she wins an art contest on line and a collective exhibition at Art Mall in Milan.

In october she is a selectioneted artist by collective exhibition at Sacripante Art Gallery in Rome.

In april 2022 she too part at the collective exhibition at The Factory in London.

In her serie “ Women of light ” there is a sentimental  continuum, a  Leitmotiv that is in every her  art work  , or rather the  awareness and the will to react adversity of life  through the beauty of life. Painting become an occasion to express a  “poetic”  inside world , to the freedom to express yourself  and to give space to the inside power that differentiates  the feminine. The main character of these art works are women,        women that had to overcome many trials of strength to  of their life through resilence  , bringing togheter again to their real. By a serious alchemic work  on their soul, they transform pain in joy, illness  in healing, dead in life.

She defines herself  a wabi-sabi artist because she inspires herself by  aesthetics japanese concept  based by reception of  flux  and imperfections of things.



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